Sandcastle Food Stand Opens in Minneapolis

A new food stand putting a twist on picnic fair opens on the Lake Nokomis

A new seasonal food stand, Sandcastle, has opened at Lake Nokomis in Minnesota, the Pioneer Press reports. The stand is on the big beach on Minneapolis Lake’s west side.

Chef Doug Flicker of Piccolo is the leader of the stand, serving food that is fresh and fun. The food is a take on picnic-type fare, but to an upgraded level. The menu is divided into categories including starters, mains, sweets, and refreshments. Beer and wine are available, and most of the food is finger food, like sandwiches, wings, and tacos.


Notable menu items include the shrimp and octopus ceviche, which also contains sweet tomatoes, spicy peppers, and lime, all served with tortilla chips. The stand also serves another summer classic, hot dogs, but with a new spin: “The Dog Flicker” is a beef dog smothered with sour kimchee and topped with a fried egg and cilantro. A final popular item is the American Indian Fry Bread, which is a round of fry bread filled with ground bison, lettuce, and white cheddar cheese.