San Francisco Tops Bon Appétit's Best New Restaurant List

Andrew Knowlton announced his top 10 picks today, plus defends them via Facebook

Bon Appétit preluded their best new restaurants list with the nominations last week, but restaurant critic Andrew Knowlton has finally released the definitive list of the best new restaurants in the United States. And number one? San Francisco's State Bird Provisions.

Brooklyn's Blanca and Battersby get the number two and three billings, while Luce in Portland, Ore., gets fourth place. Surprisingly, Manhattan and Chicago are missing from the list, although Los Angeles does get a spot at number nine with Bäco Mercat.

Nevertheless, Knowlton is on Facebook answering questions and defending his choices in a live chat. And while one commenter asked the question every other woman was probably asking ("HOW ARE YOU SO DREAMY?"), others are simply asking about his process. Apparently, Knowlton writes everything down in composition books, and thinks kale is a huge trend (we so called it) while uni is the next big thing.

Naturally, Knowlton also took the time to rave even more about his number one pick. "In terms of the most memorable meal in this hot 10 package, the entire meal at State Bird provisions. I gotta say that the fried quail is a thing of wonder and will definitely put their kids through college. It sounds simple but the fried bread with burrata is out of this world as well. OK everything at State Bird is out of this world," Knowlton wrote. "Internationally I just had what was probably one of the top five meals of my life at Maaemo in Oslo, Norway. You're going to be hearing more about this place from me and others, I guarantee that."

Check out the complete list over on Bon Appétit.