San Francisco Looking to Change Food Truck Regulations

Supervisor Scott Wiener's legislation package will put new limits on food trucks in the San Francisco area

Food trucks in San Francisco could face new regulations if legislation passes.

Supervisor Scott Wiener’s four-piece legislation package went in front of the Board of Supervisors at the Department of Public Works. According to San Francisco Business Times If passed, it would change current food truck regulations in several different ways.

The biggest change would create a 75-food buffer around existing restaurants which food trucks would not be allowed to enter.

The new legislation would also limit the number of food trucks allowed in the downtown area, which has become over-concentrated. This would allow vendors to serve in underserved areas. Food trucks that already have permits will be grandfathered into the new restrictions but must reapply for permits after seven years.

Mobile food vendors looking to change their location, add a location or serve after 8 p.m. will be required to apply for a new permit.


Additionally the new rules would change the buffer zone around schools. Food tucks would not be allowed with in 500 feet of any public middle school or 1,000 feet of any public high school between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.