San Diego Tempts Visitors with a ''Guide to the Good Stuff''

Staff Writer
San Diego’s new digital campaign targets potential visitors with personal video narrative about the city’s attractions

San Diego lets locals tell the world what they love most about their city in a new digital series. (Photo Modified: Flickr/hoteldelcoronado)

San Diego wants to give potential visitors an insider’s perspective on the city’s cultural attractions, so it’s launched a series of innovative digital guides that’ll do just that. Guides to the Good Stuff let’s locals share their culinary and cultural experiences in a series of short videos that highlight the city’s arts and culture, dining, and craft beer attractions.

Along with ordinary San Diegans, the video series also features some charismatic local influencers like Marcela Valladolid, a celebrity chef, cookbook author, and star of “The Kitchen.” The goal of each segment is to showcase different aspects of the city’s cultural scene in as authentic a way as possible by letting locals share their personal experiences of living, eating, and drinking in San Diego.

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It’s all part of the region's $12 million spring “Happiness is Calling” rebranding campaign which the city hopes will help coax more tourist to sample the city’s abundant attractions. The video series will be expanding with up to 15 more videos over April and May featuring more attractions and restaurants.