San Diego’s “Dollar a Dish” Fundraiser Helps Hungry Children

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For every signature dish sold, restaurants donate $1 to the Food 4 Kids Backpack Program
Food 4 Kids Backpack Program
Facebook/ Food 4 Kids Backpack Program

The "Dollar a Dish" August fundraiser will support San Diego's Food 4 Kids Backpack Program.

For the entire month of August, participating restaurants in San Diego will donate a dollar to the Food 4 Kids Backpack Program every time a customer orders their signature dish.

The proceeds from this “Dollar a Dish” fundraiser, which is organized by the San Diego Food Bank, will provide over 1,300 hungry elementary school kids from low-income families with food-filled weekend backpacks.

The way the backpack program works, according to their website, is that students are discreetly given bags of food every Friday afternoon. Children who are identified as “chronically hungry,” meaning that they show warning signs such as stomach aches, dizziness, difficulty focusing in class, food hoarding, and absenteeism, are given a permission slip for parents to sign. With the parents’ or guardian’s permission, the school can enroll the child in the program. 

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There are thirteen restaurants that are participating in this month-long fundraiser, including FIRST Avenue Bar & Grille, Ritual Kitchen & Beer Garden, and The Wild Thyme Company