The Chili Cook-Off Is Back!

While San Diego is known for its weather, beaches, and good food, it also delivers many fun and exciting annual public events. The annual Ocean Beach Street Fair, back for its 34th year on June 22nd, expects more than 70,000 attendees throughout the day to eat and enjoy themselves right on the Ocean Beach Pier.

The main attraction of the entire festival is the chili competition. This year, the cook-off will feature more than two-dozen chili tastings from the local area. While many participants are not professional chefs, they hope to win various awards like Hottest Chili, the Judges' Award, or the People's Choice Award, which will allow them to expand their food businesses beyond the boardwalk. However, the chili tasting does not discriminate: attendees of any age can take part in the eating experience.

While the chili cook-off might be the most satisfying treat offered at the festival, there's still plenty more to do. One activity is the Artists' Alley, where local artists submit their work before May 29 and will get awarded for their achievements. Additionally, there will be a community mural, in which thousands of people will leave their artistic mark on a San Diego wall. And even if art isn't your thing, local stores will be selling their merchandise, and there will be a rock climbing wall and a raffle to win prizes. But there's never a shortage of food: local restaurants and food vendors will provide snacks for guests to munch on as they participate in all these fun activities. Ocean Beach's street fair has provided fun for 33 years before, and with this year's highlights, this year might be the best yet.