Samsung Drops $150k Ultra-HD TV On South Korean Market

How much would you spend on an ultra-HD TV? If you answered $150k, you may want to check out the 110-inch television Samsung is selling for that exact price in South Korea. According to CBS, the TV has four times the resolution of the standard high-def model set up in your living room right now and marks a big move forward for the popular tech brand.

You probably remember the OLED craze, which Samsung and LG were big supporters of. Apparently, the super thin screens proved a bit too costly and didn't quite break into the mainstream market. Last week Sony and Panasonic even chose to end their business with OLED completely. Samsung is hoping this new offering will meet the demand for ultra high definition TVs and will be making it available in China, the Middle East and Europe. Though North America hasn't been added to the list yet, I'm guessing that if you have the means to snatch a $150k TV, you have the means to hop on a plane to get it.