Samsung and Michelin Chefs Create Kitchen Appliances

Samsung announces a line of kitchen appliances created in collaboration with Michelin chefs

On Wednesday, Samsung announced a program to design new kitchen appliances in collaboration with big-name chefs. Samsung’s electronics have always been innovative, and with the introduction of the new Sparkling Water Refrigerator, we can only imagine what the new line of kitchen appliances is going to be like.

When asked why re-invent the kitchen with his products, Co-CEO Boo-Keun Yoon replied “Because the kitchen is the center of the home,” reports CNet, and we couldn’t agree more.


Among the list of Michelin Chefs to represent the company line was Michel Troisgros, who was named president of the Samsung Club des Chefs. With others like Eric Trochon, Christopher Kostow, and both Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli, the Korean electronic giant hopes to provide inspiration to home cooks worldwide. The temporary house, used to demonstrate it’s home electronics, will be open to the public later on this week, and the line of appliances is expected to hit stories in 2014.