Samsung "Accidentally" Reveals Octa-Core Galaxy S5

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Samsung's Galaxy S3 and S4 each offered two different processor speeds, so everyone was already expecting the Galaxy S5 to have a similar option involved in buying it. However, at a press event held during the 2014 Mobile World Conference, Samsung and its presenters only showed off one model that featured a 2.5GHz quad-core processor (brand unknown at this time). Considering that's a faster processor than my work laptop, that should be enough power for a handheld device, right? Apparently not.

Samsung accidentally let an image slip that showed off what the other Galaxy S5 processor will be. It's apparently going to be an 2.1GHz octa-core processor. Yes, you read that correctly. The high-end, prime, top-tier Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be rocking eight cores of processing bliss. What would you need that much processing power for on a phone? I'm not even sure, but whatever it is, it'll do it super fast.