Sam Sifton Announces Staff of New ‘NYT Cooking’ Section

He made the announcement on Twitter

Sifton posted this photo, of what looks like an under-construction test kitchen, in November.

Back in July of 2013, former New York Times dining critic Sam Sifton announced that he’d be heading up a “new dining news product” called New York Times Cooking, telling Grub Street that they’re  “hoping to do great work for our readers and to help them cook and eat better along the way." The same day, the Times killed their Diner’s Journal blog, “in order to consolidate all of our food coverage on the main Dining page, creating a single destination for readers." We haven’t heard too much about is since then, aside from a photo Instagrammed by Sifton a couple months ago, but today he tweeted the names of a few new members of the team.

Kim Severson, the James Beard Award-winning journalist who spent years as a food writer for the newspaper before becoming a national correspondent in 2010, will be on board, as well as Kaly Soto, Cate Doty, and Meghan Gourley, all staff writers at the Times, he tweeted.


We’re sure that the slow trickle of information will become more regular as the launch date approaches, so stay tuned!