Saleya: Saleya Tribeca- My New Favorite Neighborhood Joint!

Saleya Tribeca- My New Favorite Neighborhood Joint!

We used to go to Les Halles on John Street as our neighborhood go-to. Even though we gave them three last chances; at each one of them, they still insisted on giving us some dry and over cooked chicken, on both the sandwich and the paillard with arugula. NEXT! Dan and I were happy to see a new spot pop up in our hood a few weeks ago. From the outside, Saleya Tribeca on West Broadway, looks very inviting. The floor to ceiling windows offer a lovely view of the bar that is decorated with suitcases full of liquor bottles. And guess what? The room is just as delightful inside. The menu is fairly simple, and has a lot of things that these two picky eaters enjoy for dinner. What? Me, picky? We each started off with a little lamb chop which are priced per piece at $6.00. The Moroccan salad with chick peas, black olives, and tuna, peppers and greens had a lemony dressing, which was yummy. We ordered a melange of items so we could try a bunch of different foods, and the bill was still super reasonable. Including tax, dessert and 2 drinks, it was still under $80.00. Come on people, it's not Queens. It's Tribeca. And we did eat like pigs. We adored the oily (in a good way) bread with grilled Manchego cheese, served with a salad and tomatoes. The falafel at $9.00 was served with 2 different really delicious homemade pita breads. We've eaten at Amy's Cheesecake on Lafayette so many times (we LOVE this place), so we know the dessert wasn't prepared in Saleya's kitchen, but now that we know that's where it comes from, we'll opt for the chocolate mousse next time. Props must be given to the one and only busboy, who worked his butt off, and thanks to Dr. Michael Cohen, owner of Tribeca Pediatrics, for bringing Saleya to the hood. A lovely little neighborhood joint with a fantastic vibe and great food. Saleya Tribeca has a Happy Hour M-F from 4-7. The pizzas are 5 BUCKS and so are the drinks. Dan said he'll come home early from work this week.