Sake Kit Kats Are Officially the Strangest Flavor Yet

Japan gets special sake-flavored Kit Kats

The newest Kit Kat flavors in Japan will actually taste like high-end sake, but tehy probably won't get anybody drunk.

Japan gets all the best and weirdest flavors of Kit Kats. Nestlé Japan even released a gold-covered Kit Kat for the most luxurious one ever. But now even that has been topped because Nestlé Japan announced that its newest Kit Kat flavor will taste like sake.

According to Rocket News 24, the new Kit Kats are actually intended to appeal to tourists visiting Japan from other countries. The packages are covered all over in pretty pink cherry blossoms, and the wafer candies themselves will be covered in white chocolate and spiked with powdered rice wine. The Kit Kats won’t be alcoholic, but they will reportedly taste like high-end sake and have “a light and refreshing aftertaste.”


The sake Kit Kats go on sale on February 1 at convenience stores, and there will be special sake-bottle-shaped boxed sets made for souvenir stores. Whether these turn out to be as popular with visitors as Nestlé Japan’s famous green tea Kit Kats will remain to be seen.