Sad News: 6,000 Gallons of Top-Quality Scotch Dumped

In Dumbarton, Scotland, workers accidentally flushed some quality Scotch down the drain

This pains us: Apparently some workers at Chivas Brothers, which produces Ballantine's Scotch whisky, accidentally flushed out 6,000 gallons of whisky when they meant to drain out waste water. Good job, folks.

An insider told The Scottish Sun that "It happened on a night-shift washout — that’s when the equipment is cleaned for a changeover between different products. Instead of draining the water and cleaning solution, they flushed out all the whisky." Even worse? No one noticed until 11 a.m., even though the bulk whisky was so strong, sewage workers reported the smell, BBC reports.

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Apparently Chivas Brothers is investigating the accident, noting that "there has been no release of spirit to the River Leven or any other local water course." But the lost Scotch (which The Epoch Times notes was high-quality, top-dollar Scotch)? "It was like someone turned on a tap and it just ran straight down the plughole," the insider said. We're off to go drink it its memory now.