Sabrett Recalls 7 Million Pounds of Hot Dogs for the Grossest Reason

Bone and cartilage bits spark recall of millions of pounds of Sabrett hot dogs

The makers of New York's famous Sabrett hot dogs have announced a recall of more than 7 million pounds of hot dogs after customers found bits of bone in the meat. 

A few cookouts were probably ruined this weekend when the producer of New York’s famous Sabrett hot dogs announced an enormous recall of more than 7 million pounds of hot dogs after customers reported finding tiny bits of bones and cartilage in their hot dogs.

The USDA announced Saturday, July 15, that Marathon Enterprises, the producer of Sabrett dogs, would recall approximately 7,196,084 pounds of hot dogs and hot dog products after people reported finding bits of bone in their hot dogs. One person reportedly suffered a minor mouth injury after biting down on a piece of bone in what was supposed to be an all-beef hot dog. The other complainants were unharmed, but presumably a bit grossed out. Nobody likes finding little chips of animal bones in their food.

Sabrett hot dogs are famous for being one of the most popular brands among New York's sidewalk hot dog vendors, and also the brand of hot dogs sold at New York's famous Papaya King.

According to a statement on the Sabrett website, when the complaint was submitted on Monday, July 10, the company investigated and found an equipment installation problem that could have caused tiny bits of bones and cartilage to get into the meat. The problem has reportedly been fixed, but the company is recalling its hot dog products produced between March 17 and July 4, with sell-by dates between June 19 and October 6, 2017.

The complete list of affected products is available here. The products should be thrown away or returned to stores.


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