Rye Whiskey In Short Supply?

Fans of rye whiskey might want to consider stocking up on some of their favorites — and fast — because the so-called "rye renaissance" is causing some major brands to run dry.

According to The Chuck Cowdery Blog, the growing popularity of rye whiskey among consumers has created such a significant demand that some producers are having trouble keeping up. He writes, "Many brands, such as Sazerac Rye (i.e., 'Baby Saz') and Rittenhouse Rye Bottled in Bond are on allocation and shoppers sometimes find empty shelves. Templeton Rye has struggled to get enough whiskey from its distiller in Indiana to meet demand."

What's more, Wild Turkey has also announced that its powehouse 101-proof rye "will be in short supply for the forseeable future." The news of the loss even prompted famed cocktail historian David Wondrich to tweet, "No more Wild Turkey 101 rye? Well, hell. There go my Manhattans."

Of course, not all of the major rye-producing brands are running out of stock. According to the post, major rye producer Jim Beam (which has plans to release a Knob Creek rye), and the newly launched Bulleit Rye, still have plenty of the spirit to go around. Phew.