Ryanair Launches Fun New Inflight Menu

Ryanair have just launched a new rebranded inflight menu called "The Getaway Café" across all of their 165 destinations in Europe and Africa. The Ryanair menu is cheeky and fun telling passengers on the front page "There's no extra charge to turn the page" and further on telling passengers "Don't worry; There's no fuel surcharge" when referring to the meal deals the airline offers. Passengers receive a "Free printed receipt" with all purchases and they want you to buy soft drinks and juices because "The toilets are still free." The new menu will be available for passengers to browse in the latest Ryanair magazine Let's Go.

The menu is completely new and re-branded look and feel, giving the passenger a sense of quality and an even greater range of products to purchase.

Some of the new products which can be purchased during your flight include:

Hot Chips: The box has 10 perforations which allow the chips to cook evenly onboard the aircraft and they come served in a delightful box with salt optional sachets.

Nuggets: Real chicken breast nuggets covered in a crunchy coating.

Meat Ball Sub: Say goodbye to the steak panini and hello to the new meat ball sub, it comes loaded with tasty Italian meatballs, spicy tomato relish, and melted cheese on a ciabata roll.

Breakfast Bap: This new breakfast sandwich will be perfect on those early morning flights; the bap has bacon, a hash brown, cheese and ham on a floury bap.

Ham and Cheese Croissant: Made with all butter this croissant is loaded with ham, two types of cheese (mozzarella snd cheddar) and can be eaten cold, or just ask the crew to heat it up for you.

Snack Box: A new snack box including: Penn State pretzels, fruit and nut mix, Brodericks mini bar, Jacobs bran crackers, a white cheddar cheese bar and Mediterranean dip.

The Almighty Hot Dog: The hot dog comes with Heinz ketchup and English mustard.

Most of the old favorites are still available on the buy-on-board menu such as the pizza, pastries and of course Europe's most well priced inflight sandwich the "Just Cheese" sandwich. Plus a new range of soups from Heinz including cream of tomato and Mediterranean vegetable soup.

So the next time you're flying Ryanair, keep an eye out on the latest inflight menu.

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