Russia On The Menu For Burger King?

With the U.S. market fully saturated with fast food venues, Burger King sets to expand their operations farther east — much farther. In a statement released Tuesday, the burger giant revealed plans to expand operations in Russia by opening several hundred stores in the next few years.

Burger King began their expansion to Russia in 2010, opening their first location in northern Moscow. The new stores will join the 57 locations already located in the country, mainly in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The core menu of Burger King options will be available at the new Russian locations in addition to their selection of wraps. Chicken options including chicken wraps have exceeded expectations.

"Without any additional marketing support, we're selling more than 30 items of chicken wraps per day per restaurant," said Burger King Account Supervisor Kristen Hauser.

The world's second largest burger joint behind McDonald's is on a mission to expand their global presence by opening stores in emerging international markets. In recent years Burger King has opened a vast majority of their new locations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.