Rush Limbaugh Calls Food Justice Part Of 'The War On Freedom'

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After last week's crazy media storm concerning Limbaugh's use of the word "slut," the talk show host has taken on his next target: Tracie McMillan, author of The American Way of Eating.

What did he say this time? Other than offending McMilllan by saying that "overeducated doesn't mean intelligent," Limbaugh goes on to laugh at the term "food justice," and claim that "food is the next front in the left-wing war on the private sector."

McMillan's book chronicles her time working at places like Walmart and Applebee's, with criticism for the quality and amount of produce available at the former.

Limbaugh's rant last night, however, shows that he finds McMillan's criticisim outlandish. "We've uncovered another crisis for the government to solve, and that is basically what? See, it's not enough that Walmart offers unprocessed food to low-income families. Oh, no, that's not enough.  Now it has to be the best. It has to be the best, it has to be the most expensive, but it has to be practically given away, otherwise what? Walmart is racist."

Limbaugh also mentioned the USDA's purchase of pink slime, as well as the chicken nugget lunch swap scandal a while back. Who knew he was following food trends so carefully?

"There's a war on freedom. And anything that the government does not have its hands in is the focus and the target for this regime — and now it's food and the distribution of food," he said.

McMillan, however, seems undeterred. "It's fairly bizarre that someone would criticize my work simply because I'm female. And it's not like I'm from some fancy background," she told the Seattle Times.

Her book is out now, and while she wasn't informed in advance about her book's mention on Limbaugh's show, she's not too worried. "My grandmother would be thrilled, because she's a fan of his," she told Jezebel.