Running For Food

This year, the ING New York City Marathon has selected City Harvest as their charity partner for a run across the boroughs on Nov. 3, 2013. In hopes of raising $50,000 for hungry New Yorkers, the City Harvest team has already gotten to work on training and recruiting team members for the big day, and they aren't cutting any corners.

The charity called on Brooklyn Nets' strength and conditioning coach Dr. Jeremy Bettle to give a few one time pointers on developing a workout and diet routine to get ready for the race.

"The biggest mistake I see is people just lacing up their shoes and just running," shared Dr. Bettle. "You need to do everything you can to prevent injuries during long-distance running."

Giving yourself enough time to get ready for the race is crucial, but it isn't the only thing you can do to make sure you are ready. Dr. Bettle has three tips he swears by when it comes to training for such a taxing feat for the body:

Outfit Yourself

To make it to the finish line, you have to have the right gear. Something as small as wearing the wrong shoes can cause injuries that will last a lifetime. Dr. Bettle suggests getting and training in the most comfortable running shoes you can find so you can build up your endurance and feel familiar on the day of the race.

Get Strong

When it comes to running, speed isn't the only crucial skill you need. Dr. Bettle suggests you start strength training as far out as possible. In addition to cardio, you should be working weight training into your workout circuits for proper body alignment and safety during your race.

Fuel Up

Without a good diet, all of your training will be for naught. Two days before the race especially, Dr. Bettle says runners should be keeping well hydrated and resting. You should be looking for meals that are high-carb and high-protein, like lean meats, whole wheat, and tons of vegetables.

Fueling up with the right foods is something we are definitely interested in, and to help us make the right decisions, we called on two chefs close to the cause. New York City chefs  Marc Murphy, chef and owner of Benchmarc Restaurants (Landmarc and Ditch Plains), and Ivy Stark, executive chef of Dos Caminos, are among those training to prepare for the big race and shared with us some great recipes they plan on making while training.


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