Rumors Fly About a Lindsay Lohan New York Restaurant and More News

In today's Media Mix, more on Maker's Mark watered down bourbon, plus a day in the life of Danny Bowien
Lindsay Lohan
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Lindsay Lohan Restaurant? Thanks to the rumor mill, word on the street was that Lindsay Lohan was planning on working on a "high-end Mexican restaurant" in Tribeca. Representatives for the space, however, says they have not been in contact with Lohan at all. [Tribeca Citizen]

Danny Bowien's Life: It starts with grocery shopping and ends with karaoke. There's so much in between. [New Yorker]

Hitler's Last Food Taster: The last surviving food taster for Hitler shares that the German leader ate fruit and vegetables, but no meat in the two years she worked for him. [The Blaze]

Maker's Mark Speaks About Watering Down: After controversy, the Samuels speak out about their decision. All bourbon gets water added before being bottled, the Samuels say, and they didn't raise the price becuase "Rob's grandfather did not like ostentatiousness." [Quartz]

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Less Salt in Products: Bloomberg has announced that 21 companies, including Heinz ketchup, Starbucks, and Butterball cold cuts, have voluntarily reduced the salt content in their products. [CBS News]