Rufus Wainwright Sings About Your Favorite Gum

He's covered Judy Garland, written an opera, and now he's signing chewing gum jingles

Rufus Wainwright Does Gum

Rufus Wainwright's latest album may have shown his pop side once again, but the velvet-voiced singer/songwriter comes back with an album entirely about chewing gum. Kind of.

For Funny or Die, Wainwright has created one minute-long ditties about his favorite chewing gums — Big Red, Doublemint, Extra, Juicy Fruit, and Wrigley's. Sample lyrics: "Juicy Fruit/ It's gonna move ya/ Juice so soft/ It gets right through ya."

Doublemint features a duet (with two Rufus Wainwrights): "Double pleasure is waiting for you/ Double pleasure from Doublemint gum/ Double great feeling making you realize/ Doublemint's the one for you."

And for the classic Wainwright piano ballad? "So kiss a little longer/ Stay close a ltitle longer/ Hold tight a little longer/ Longer with Big Red." Wainwright doing a love song in honor of cinnamon-tasting Big Red gum? It's by far The Daily Meal's favorite.

Download the five-song album here, and check out his promo video below.