Polite Customers Get Cheaper Kebabs In Vienna

The owner of a kebab shop in Vienna was so sick of people barking, "Kebab!" at her that she has instituted a new policy of tiered pricing, with people getting cheaper food in exchange for behaving like normal, polite human beings.

According to The Local, 27-year-old Duygu Ical has been running the Stadion Kebab & Pizza shop in Vienna for two years now, and she has experienced more than her share of rude customers. Shocked by how rude some of her customers were when they ordered, Ical decided to change things by charging the ruder customers more money, much like one Paris cafe did several years ago. Now the signs at Ical's shop notify customers that asking for "a kebab, please," costs €3.80, or $4.17. A person who says, "Give me a kebab," pays €4, or $4.39. And customers who come in and just shout, "Kebab!" at Ical can expect to pay €4.50, or $4.94, though those customers should consider themselves lucky she serves them at all.

So far Ical says her plan appears to be working. She has not made a lot more money off the rude customers, but she says she's getting much more polite requests lately, and that was the whole point of the new pricing scheme.