The Royal Pregnancy: Kate Middleton’s Guide to Eating and Living Healthy

A Happy & Pregnant Kate Middleton Exits her Car

This princess, from what seems straight out of a fairy tale, knows what she is doing! Kate Middleton, wife to Prince William and soon-to-be mother, is nearing the end of her pregnancy (the baby is due mid-July). Middleton, who was hospitalized with extreme morning sickness in her first trimester, has taken every precaution since to make sure the remaining months of her pregnancy were safe and healthy ones.

The duchess, like her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, was extremely active before her pregnancy. Since then, according to, Middleton had to “tone down her exercise regimen and opt for more low-impact forms of activity. The Duchess of Cambridge traded in her runs and weight lifting for morning walks with her dog Lupo, and prenatal yoga.” The article adds that Middleton was “sure to keep her diet as healthy and fresh as possible, and has enjoyed meals of codfish, chicken or turkey,” while snacking on "dried fruit and nuts."

In the same article, HollywoodLife reports that Kate would previously have “a beautician come to Kensington Palace to apply St. Tropez tanner before events.” Kate stopped the spray tanning when considering the dangers of spray tan fumes — especially for pregnant women. The caffeine-craving Duchess also gave up her favorite form of coffee. Middleton traded in her daily coffee to Starbucks decaf, and began to drink tea more frequently. Kate “did not like the idea of not drinking coffee,” a palace insider tells Us.

Kate Middleton’s pregnancy habits have been superb. One thing is for sure—this royal heir has already been receiving quite the royal treatment!