Room 39: A New Way to Eat Casually

A New Way to Eat Casually

With Kansas City slowly turning into a food center, it needs a restaurant that brings the comfort of casual dining to the sophistication of fine dining. Room 39 does the job well: they combine seasonal ingredients with an exceptionally warm restaurant atmosphere to provide the guests with a truly high quality dining experience. Started by Andrew Sloan and Ted Habiger in 2004, they wanted to promote local farm fresh produce while still maintaining deliciously tasty entrées, and have since succeeded in becoming a staple restaurant in Kansas City for all meals.

Room 39 provides a menu with very appetizing plates. Some great ones include tempura mushrooms with cilantro and smoked sea salt, risotto with caramelized onions, pistachios and gaeta olives, and seared duck breast with green lentils, goat cheese, and mustard greens all in a strawberry-rhubarb puree. On top of these great food options to choose from, one unique feature about their menu is that they feature the local farms where their ingredients come from. Additionally, it seems that by popular request, they include sample recipes directly from their kitchen so diners can share and enjoy this food in the comfort of their own home.

Not only does Room 39 have a great menu, their comfortable atmosphere feels welcoming to all guests. During breakfast and lunch hours, the dining room is filled with handcrafted tables, creating a casual pub feel, whereas during dinner, the room gets covered with white tablecloths and award wining bottles of wine. Being reviewed by publications like Food and Wine Magazine, who awarded their spicy shrimp the best dish of the year, Room 39 offers patrons to eat exceptionally fresh and creative meals comfortably.