Romney Dines in Miami; First Lady Disses McMuffins

The latest food-related news from the campaign trail

Michelle Obama was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, along with Gabby Douglas.

During his campaign tour of Miami this week Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stopped for a bite to eat in a Cuban restaurant called El Palacio de Los Jugos. It turns out that the restaurant is owned by Reinaldo Bermudez, a convicted drug trafficker who served a three-year sentence after being charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine in 1997.

While it seemed likely that Romney and his staff were simply unaware of the owner’s history, Bermudez told the Miami New Times that his restaurant was fully vetted by the Secret Service prior to the meal.

Earlier this week, first lady Michelle Obama made a campaign stop in Burbank, Calif., to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. After filming her segment, Obama decided to stick around to chat with Leno’s other guest of the night, gold medalist Gabby Douglas. During the interview, Leno asked Douglas about her training diet and whether she splurged with a celebratory meal after winning Olympic gold in London. Douglas responded that she ate an Egg McMuffin from McDonald’s after she won. Obama joked that she must have at least opted for a whole-wheat muffin, and then followed it up by saying, "You're setting me back, Gabby," referring to the movement she’s spearheading against childhood obesity.


(Photo Modified: Flickr/TheWhiteHouse)