Romney Collects Hurricane Relief Food

While both presidential candidates canceled their election events for the week, they're still very much in the public eye. President Obama has been at The White House, organizing disaster relief, and Governor Mitt Romney has turned his election events into "relief events."

AP reports that the Republican presidential candidate has shifted his campaign plans in Ohio, hosting "storm relief events" in Kettering, Ohio, instead of election rallies. The relief event, where Romney collected food and other supplies for hurricane victims, was held in the arena where his political rally was supposed to be. The celebrity lineup was reportedly the same as well.

At the rally, Romney spoke behind a table laden with supplies, some of which the Romney campaign had purchased; supplies included toothpaste, bottled water, canned food, diapers, and more, the AP reports.

Meanwhile, Obama has canceled campaign appearances in Ohio on Wednesday to monitor Hurricane Sandy responses. "The election will take care of itself next week," he said, USA Today reports, adding that his first priority is making sure search and rescue teams are getting where they need to be, and food and water are given to people in need.