Rome Tips

When in Rome, one thing's for sure: touring the city's ancient ruins on foot and climbing the seven hills will work up an appetite. Luckily, we have Gina Tringali of GT Food & Travel to recommend the best culinary destinations in the city to curb those hunger pangs.

Like Rome's architectural history, the city's culinary roots make it distinct from other cities in Italy. The staples you have to try when sampling a Roman diet are coffee, pizza, and pasta. Tringali says, "You don't want to miss the three main pasta dishes that are typically, classically Roman, from your amatriciana to your cacao e pepe and your carbonara."

Whether you want to adventure outside the city center or visit tourist-friendly spots, Tringali's picks will give you an authentic taste of Rome. Sant' Eustachio offers wood-roasted coffee, which Tringali explains, "is something that we don't see as often in the U.S."

Watch the video above for tips on how to eat as the Romans eat. If you're like us and think food is the main attraction when traveling in Rome, book a tour with GT Food & Travel to explore Rome's culinary neighborhoods and markets.