Roma Rules!

Roma has been a Greeley and University of Northern Colorado favorite for a long time now.  Roma has had Greeley's best pizza since 1988.  Check out more of Roma at  Roma has wonderful pizza, carolis (calzones), spag, laz, rav, salads, sandwiches, and awesome draft beers and mixed drinks.  Families, students, professors, farmers, and Greeley folks enjoy hanging out in this diverse and casual atmosphere.  The walls are decorated with concert posters, and the bar is full of fun memorabilia.  Roma has daily food and drink specials, and you can always grab coupons at the website above. Lastly, Roma has all kinds of fun specialty pizzas and toppings-recently the Huffington Post and Daily Meal reviewed the wonderful Nutty Idea-Cashews, cream cheese, pepperoni, and tomatoes.  Don't forget the Taco, Buff Chicken, Mama Mia, Manuel's Favorite, Hot House, or create your own using toppings like genoa, hot or italian sausage, cream cheese, sauerkraut,or a myriad of other choices.  Roma won best pizza, best take-out, best vegetarian, 2nd best bartender, and third best lunch in the Greeley Tribune Hot Picks.  With over 3600 fans on facebook, Roma is doing something right.  Check it out when you are in Greeley, Colorado!!!!!