Rock Out with Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary Whiskey

Limited-edition whiskey made to celebrate the anniversary of the legendary rock group

The Rolling Stones logo served as the inspiration for the whiskey's bottle design

It’s hard to believe, but last week marked the 50th anniversary of Rolling Stones’ first gig as a band. In honor of the legendary rock group, Japanese distillers Suntory Liquors Ltd. are launching a limited-edition whiskey inspired by the rockers.

Only 150 bottles will be made, and the release date is set for October 30. The bottle design is inspired by the band’s signature logo, the recognizable lips and tongue. But you can’t always get what you want — each bottle of the limited edition liquor is set to go for 500,000 yen, the equivalent of $6,300.

Each whiskey used in this blended bottle comes from a symbolic milestone year for the Stones. The whiskey will be available in two single malts: one from 1962, the year of the band’s formation, and the other from 1971, when the lips and tongue logo was first used. Six blended whiskeys will be used in the finished product, including a Yamazaki malt from 1972 (the year the Stones released "Exile on Main St."), and two others from Hakushu and Chita from 1990 (the year the band made their first trip to Japan).

And because it’s rumored that the Stones may be launching a celebratory world tour, you might have even more of a reason to raise your glass. If you can’t afford it, grab a bottle Keith Richards’ standby Jack Daniels, or raise a glass of "Nuclear Waste," a blend of orange juice, cranberry juice, and Fanta, rumored to be one of the frontman’s favorite drinks.