Rock 'N Roll 'N Religion At Graham Elliot's New Bistro

For those who worship at the altars of both food and rock 'n roll, g.e.b. just might be the holy grail. Iron Chef finalist and MasterChef judge Graham Elliot's newest restaurant opened June 5th in Chicago's West Loop next to Nellcôte, and features a "Church of Rock 'n Roll" theme, replete with stylish iconography featuring the familiar faces of all-star chefs, rock music legends, and Chicago's own rock-stars from Michael Jordan to Mayor Rahm Emmanual. With its White Stripes-esque red and gray color scheme and menus attached to old LP covers, you'll feel like rock royalty. But the fare is suitable for non-rock-stars, with simple dishes comprised of just three ingredients each, grouped into the categories of "hot, cold, pasta, sea, land, and sweet", and mostly under $20. Elliot brings the edgy rock ethos into the simplest of foods, from oatmeal with dates and whiskey for brunch to "pork + okra + watermelon" for dinner.

With its focus on simple food with a trendy twist, g.e.b. follows in the footsteps of Grahamwich, Elliot's last restaurant which opened in River North in 2010. Like g.e.b., Grahamwich also offers a wide array of dressed-up American comfort food for affordable prices. Elliot's first restaurant, Graham Elliot (which has the same birthday as g.e.b.), features fine-dining bistro dishes served in a contemporary atmosphere featuring décor like hand-blown glass terrariums.

g.e.b. fits just 60 people in its converted church pew seating, so get in quick to see for yourself if Elliot's newest offerings are as scrumptious as they are sacred.