Road Trips for the Food Obsessed

Forget the largest can of chili, take a road trip to Chili, New York.

You're more than a foodie, you're a food nerd. Everything you do leads up to the perfect bite, so no ordinary road trip will satisfy you. Instead, here are some novel ways to pay homage to your favorite foods, from sea to shining sea.

It turns out there are more than 30 cities across the U.S. with food names, from the curious Cheddar, South Carolina (we thought it came from Vermont?), to the classic summer spot, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, wherein lies a town called Sandwich — a food-city roadtrip double whammy.

It's possible to start on the West Coast, in Orange, California, or White Salmon, Washington, and then head across the Lower 48, hitting 20 states in one go. Not up for the long haul? Stay in Texas, which has four food-named cities (Oatmeal, Raisin, Mesquite and Rice) or take a fun mini-trip based on a theme. Imagine getting photos of six fruit town signs or an entire breakfast of city limits signage. Check out these road trip ideas:

Breakfast Foods Road Trip

If you love breakfast for supper and greasy spoon diners.

Pancake, Pennsylvannia

Bacon, Missouri

Ham Lake, Minnesota

Two Egg, Florida

Toast, North Carolina

Oatmeal, Texas

Coffeeville, Mississppi


Fruit Road Trip

A perfect summertime road trip.

Orange, California

Raisin, Texas

Citrus Park, Florida

Plum, Pennsylvannia

Cherry Valley, Ohio

Fruitvale, Colorado


Dessert Road Trip

For the road-warrior with a sweet tooth.

Pie, West Virginia

Coffeeville, Missouri

Cookietown, Oklahoma

Tea, South Dakota

Cocoa Beach, Florida


Meat Lovers' Road Trip

Calling all carnivores... this is the one to do by motorcycle.

Bacon Flat, Ohio

Bacon, Indiana

Mesquite, Texas

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

Ham Lake, Minnesota

Hamburg, Minnesota

Sandwich, New Hampshire

Rib Mountain, Wisconsin

(Chicken, Alaska, for the truly obssessed)


Fisherman's Road Trip

Hang up that Gone Fishin' sign before you leave.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Fish Springs, Tennessee

Oyster Bay, New York

White Salmon, Washington

Troutdale, Oregon


Check out the map below for all of the cities with food names.

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