Ritz Carlton Serves Camel's Milk

The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi has hired a "camel milk mixologist" to their stuff, and is now serving its guests beverages made with camel milk.

Over the years, communities in Egypt, Ethiopia, and Somalia have consumed camel milk. The liquid is known for its supposed healthy benefits and aphrodisiac properties. Tribes in Ethiopia even consider it to be magical, drinking camel milk on the day that they drink water after a period of thirst.

Mohammaed Daoud, the new addition to the team at the luxurious hotel, is in charge of developing beverages with camel's milk as the base ingredient. The camel's milk menu consists of different flavors of milkshakes and iced lattes. A little saltier and lighter than cow's milk, this "white gold" liquid's popularity is on the rise.

According to Dauod, camel milk contains proteins and nutrients, which are beneficial to the body, especially for those fasting during the upcoming Holy Month of Ramadan. Even those living with lactose intolerance are able to drink the milk. And with three times more vitamin C and ten times more iron that cow's milk, the

Those in Ethiopia, Egypt, Somalia, and the guests at the Ritz Carlton are not the only ones jumping on the camel's milk train. Camel dairy farming has been on the rise since 2006. The company, Camelicious, has been producing up to 5,000 liters of milk a day since 2006.

Does camel's milk sound like something you want to try, yet you have no plans to travel to the UAE any time soon? Not a problem. The Emirates Industry for Camel Milk & Products has began to ship freeze-dried camel milk powder to customers in Europe. An instant-milk power, yogurt, cheese, and camel's milk chocolate are expected to become available in stores within a few years