Ring in the New Year of the Horse With These 8 Equestrian Accessories!


2014 is the Year of the Horse! For those who subscribe to the Chinese zodiac, this is your year to start improving yourself, as the horse is energetic, bright, smart and capable. Aretha Franklin, Sir Isaac Newton, Chopin, and Rembrandt are just a few of the impressive people who were born during the Year of the Horse throughout history, so you have some tough competition. Considering it's all about self-improvement, you should probably start brushing up on your equestrian skills and get some new accessories. After all, what's more fitting than that?

event_location=###contact_name=###contact_phone=###contact_email=Photo Courtesy of Chanel
Large Boy Chanel Flap Bag

You don't always have to use strictly equestrian accessories, which Chanel proves by pairing this chic lambskin bag with horses (helped by the model Alice Dellal, of course). We love the contrast between the white and black, which keeps the $4,500 bag elegant and modern.

Photo Courtesy of Arka Equipe
Lamborghini GP1 Limited Edition Riding Saddle

This £4,420 ($7,258) hand-made saddle from Arka Equipe is sure to grab some attention. Designed to give the perfect balance for rider and horse, the Lamborghini GP1 Limited Edition features stainless steel and aluminum to help give stability and flexibility. Apparently, the saddle won't put pressure on the horse's back muscles either, which is definitely better for the animal's health.

Photo Courtesy of Gucci
Black Leather Gloves

Just one of the many luxury brands with an equestrian collection, Gucci certainly makes some great leather gloves. Featuring the Gucci crest on the top of each, these black leather gloves retail for $490 and are made in Italy.

Photo Courtesy of Hermès
Tic Tac Spurs

From Hermès, these $910 women's saddle nail spurs are sleek and minimal. Made using cowhide and nickelled metal, you won't regret grabbing a pair of these.

Photo Courtesy of Samshield
Equestrian Helmet with Lizard Top

A helmet is the most important part of your equestrian collection and this $1,002 equestrian helmet is a great choice. Made by Samshield, it features lizard-skin detailing on the top, which makes it stand out, and is constructed with strength as the top priority. The lightweight polycarbonate outer shell and polystyrene inner core absorbs shock on impact. Plus, the cut-out design on the inside keeps the helmet from touching your forehead, which helps keep you cool and alleviate headache-causing pressure.

Black Riding Cap

Though the previous helmet is nice, I personally love Gucci's $990 offering. Covered in black velvet and made in Italy, this adjustable helmet is classy and even has a little bow in the back.

Photo Courtesy of Arka Equipe
Swarovski Padded Bridle

If you participate in competitions, you may want to invest in this glittering Swarovski Padded Bridle, which retails for £188 (around $308). Available in Dark Havana and Black, it comes in two sizes and is attractive without being overly flashy.

Riding Whip

Also from Gucci, this $320 black riding whip is the perfect minimalist addition to your preexisting collection. It's especially great for mixing and matching, as it doesn't scream Gucci in way that will clash with other brands.