Riesling, Bacon, and Long Beans and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, how to cook emu eggs, plus beer and Cheddar soup

Check out our editors' picks for this week's top food section recipes.

NY Mag
• What to do with a huge emu egg? Make an egg fondue.

LA Times
• Classic Mexican chocolate pot de crème gets a twist with pumpkin seeds.

NY Times
Butterscotch custard (with cloves and black pepper) beats pudding any old day.

SF Chronicle
• Riesling and bacon somehow revamp Chinese long beans.

• Pho is often a lengthy affair, but this one-day pho recipe looks manageable.

Chicago Tribune
• Giving up meat for Lent? Some people cheat with fish, so here are some salmon recipes to tide you over.

Seattle Times
• Or try your hand at this sole recipe with fresh tomatoes and olives.

Washington Post
• The ultimate indulgence: Smoked beer and Cheddar soup.

Wall Street Journal
• Recreating old family recipes means whipping up Nana Esther's Lokshen Kugel.

Portland Press Herald
• Gorgeous and easy bon bons made with just three ingredients.