Ridiculous Food Holidays No One Should Celebrate

Sure, we love food, but do these foods really deserve an entire "holiday?"

Weird Food Holidays

January: Prune Breakfast Month

Because prunes totally deserve an ENTIRE MONTH dedicated to eating them for breakfast?


February 8: Molasses Bar Day

It’s just not as inspiring as, say, “Bacon Day”


March 30: Turkey Neck Soup Day

So Turkey Neck Soup Day is not only a useless holiday, it is at the end of March. Like, way after Thanksgiving.


April 20: Lima Bean Respect Day
Give alms and pay homage to the mighty lima bean? Sure.

(Flickr/Kristen Taylor)

May 24: National Escargot Day
Grab a snail, ya’ll.


June 8: Jelly-Filled Doughnut Day

Totally and utterly random, albeit delicious.


July 18: National Caviar Day

FINALLY, a food holiday the common folk can enjoy...


August 29: More Herbs, Less Salt Day

Like, okay, probably a good rule in general. But a whole holiday?


September 25: Crab Meat Newburg Day

Couldn’t possibly be any more specific of a holiday.


October 24: National Bologna Day

Yep, the saddest lunchmeat ever has a day of its own.


December 18: National Roast Suckling Pig Day

“Everyone! Gather, and roast your suckling pigs!” — Said No One Ever.