Rick Ross Shares His Tilapia, Honey Buns Recipes

The hip-hop artist talks about cooking, not cooking, and the perks of having a private chef with Bon Appétit
Rick Ross
Wikimedia/Michael Williams

Sure, André 3000 may have shared his kale recipe, but Rick Ross has tilapia and a honey bun covered.

The hip-hop artist chatted with Bon Appétit about his food-focused lyrics ("She's thinking Philippe [restaurant] / I'm thinking Wingstop."), as well as his eating habits ("I order three entrées that I know I'm not gonna finish, and save the lobster bisque for the following morning.")

But of course, what we're interested in is what Rick Ross himself cooks. Apparently, it's just one thing: "Take the aluminum foil and put a nice piece of tilapia on it, season it good, then put a bundle of broccoli and two or three slices of cheese over it. Fold it up and sit it on the grill. Voilà!"

And what did Ross have for dessert back when he couldn't afford to eat lobster bisque for breakfast? "Get you a honey bun and put a slice of cheese on it. Put it in the microwave for 45 seconds and you had the gift of a lifetime." Head on over to Bon App for the rest of the interview.