Rick Bayless Wicker Park Project Confirmed And More News

Check out the headlines you may have missed.

Rick Bayless' New Project: It's confirmed: The Chicago chef is opening up in trendy hipster neighborhood Wicker Park, and details will be released in clues via social media. [Eater]

McDonald's Pumpkin Spice Latte: Just another way to get your pumpkin spice fix. Here's the TV ad. [iSpot]

How Filthy Are Your Favorite Restaurants? Since San Francisco has released all the health inspection details of all the restaurants in the city, here's a look at how filthy your favorite SF joint might be. [Mission Local]

Cargill's Truvia Lawsuit: Cargill has agreed to modifiy the labels of Truvia after a lawsuit alleged that they were misleading consumers by claiming Truvia was all-natural, when in fact it contained plenty of GMO and highly processed ingredients. Oops. [Food Navigator]

Why Chefs for Kids: In an interview about the upcoming season of MasterChef Junior, Gordon Ramsay explains why discipline for kid chefs is a good thing (and for all chefs, at that). [Hollywood Reporter]