Rich People Eat The Most Fast Food, Gallup Poll Finds

You'd think with childhood obesity going down and everyone extolling the virtues of healthy, local eating, fast food consumption would be on the decline. Gallup, however, discovers that fast food is just as popular as ever in its most recent poll.

According to a survey of 2,027 adults, eight in 10 Americans eat fast food at least monthly; almost half say they eat fast food on a weekly basis. Out of all the respondents, only 4 percent claim to never eat at a fast-food restaurant.

Of the most popular fast food diners, young adults ranked as the most common consumers; 57 percent of the young adults polled (age 18 to 29) said they eat fast food weekly. The older the respondents, however, the less fast food they ate. More men than women also ate fast food on a weekly basis (53 percent) versus women (42 percent).

The most surprising statistic, however? Wealthier Americans (earning $75,000 annually or more) were more likely to eat fast food weekly than lower-income groups, 51 percent of high-income Americans compared to 39 percent of Americans who earn less than $20,000 a year.