Rice Made Sexy — 5 Great Dinner Recipes Slideshow

Cuban Rice and Beans

Jane Bruce

In this recipe, rice and beans come together with a medley of Cuban flavors for a tasty, satisfying dish…

Carly Goldsmith

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Better-Than-Halal-Cart Rice

Will Budiaman

This version is flavored with saffron, freshly shucked peas, and ripe tomato — the perfect base for grilled chicken, fish, or lamb. Whoever says rice is bland is about to have their world rocked.

Will Budiaman

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Ramp Pesto Risotto

Jane Bruce

Roasted asparagus is mixed in to give the risotto another taste of spring, but the real star of this dish is the pesto…

Anne Dolce

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Chicken Fried Rice


A hearty rice dish that can use almost anything you find in your refrigerator…

Drew Colbert

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Horchata Rice Pudding

Jessica Chou

OK, so horchata rice pudding is pretty much like ordinary rice pudding, but a touch more cinnamon-y and still delicious

Jessica Chou

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