Twin Cities' The Butcher and the Boar Beer Garden is Your Top Summer Destination

A perfect summertime gem in the heart of the city

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Steak on steak on steak – does it get any better?


Do you like grilling meat, drinking beer, and soaking up sunshine? If you do, then Butcher and the Boar is the place for you (they will even grill the meat for you!). Butcher and the Boar is in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and I am dedicating this article to only the Beer Garden that they have attached to its formal restaurant (I’ll post a separate article for the restaurant!).

The Beer Garden is located behind the beautifully painted mural wall and is an open space with music, beer, and whiskey. Walk in and seat yourself ― most of the time, the Beer Garden is open at 4 p.m. Once you sit down, it’s time to make big decisions. There is a whole booklet dedicated to drinks, including specialty cocktails and all types of whiskey shots. My tradition here is to get $3 whiskey shots and sip on them with my meal. If I am not in the mood for whiskey, I get the El Boaro, which is a tequila drink with lime, ginger beer, and bitters.

After deciding on a drink, get ready for some food! If you are looking to drink more than eat, participate in Beer, Brat, and Shot which is where you get a Summit Bear, a Bratwurst, and a Jim Beam Back shot for only $12. This special is available all day! If you are looking for some more substantial options, go for one of its brats or sandwiches.

The menu rotates every season but some of the standards include the B&B Footlong, which is a footlong brat, topped with mustard, mayo, and shoestring potatoes. All of the meals come with a side of steak fries and pickled vegetables. For $1.50, you can upgrade your fries to red hot Brussels sprouts, a restaurant specialty. All of its meals are fantastic so make sure to come for a visit this summer ― you won’t be disappointed!

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1121 Hennepin Ave (btwn 11th St N & 12th St N)
Minneapolis, MN 55403