Philadelphia’s Top Bartenders Battle for Supremacy at the ‘Mixology Mixer’

Guests enjoyed this creative battle while taking notes on what make these bartenders the best in town

Jaclyn Beckett

With a complex mix of gin, pineapple/paprika syrup, and ginger liquor, Taquilas' libation took 1st place.

Last week a lobby in Philadelphia’s Comcast Center was transformed into a battlefield – a bartender battlefield to be exact. There, mixologists from five of some of the city’s top restaurants vied for the title of best specialty cocktail. The competing cocktails were dreamt up by mixologists hailing from Tequilas, Cuba Libre, Devil’s Alley, 13th Street Cocktail Catering, and Indeblue. All of the drinks were unique, yet simple enough to inspire us common folk in how we can impress our guests at upcoming summer shindigs.

First, Cuba Libre spiced up the night with the Shadowbennie cocktail. This drink, with its contrasting flavors, contained gin, muddled culantro (cilantro’s more robust cousin), Passion Fruit, and was topped with cracked pink peppercorn.

Devil’s Alley countered with a simple spritzer. This cocktail was comprised of gin, rosewater, orange zest, and accompanied by a sweet honey stir stick.

Next, a refreshing take on the classic gin & mint drink, was whipped up by 13th Street Cocktail Catering. This drink, light and perfect for patio parties, contained gin, Moroccan mint tea, lemon, cucumber, and local orange blossom honey.

Indeblue responded with their Indeblutini, a mango puree martini with lemon and a unique addition of cardamom, not commonly found in martinis.

The fifth and final drink – the winner of the night – was (drum roll, please) Tequilas’ “Black & Blue & Ginger All Over.” This crowd pleaser is sure to get the party started at any soiree. Mixologists from Tequilas created a complex cocktail with flavors that worked harmoniously together. This fun summer drink was made of gin, lime, Domaine de Canton (a French ginger liqueur), pineapple/paprika simple syrup, and garnished with basil leaves, lemon, and a hibiscus-pasilla-salt rim.

All in all, this mixology mixer brought out creativity in each and every one of the teams, and certainly put on a show for the attendees.

... Now excuse me while I make myself a gin & mint.

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