Paint Your Palate with 13 Different Salsas at Austin's Curra’s Grill

“The Mother of All Mex” serves this colorful and mysterious appetizer

With other popular dishes such as conchinita pibil and chili relleno, Curra's has the traditional Mexican fare you're looking for.

Craving authentic Mexican food? Head over to the south of Austin to Curra’s Grill, an iconic hotspot since1995. Chef and owner Jorge García, wants to be remembered as “The Mother of All Mex.” The dishes are generational recipes from the family matriarchs, and the menu ranges from a variety of areas in Mexico including: the Yucatan Peninsula in the south, central areas like Mexico City, and Monterrey up north. You can get a sneak preview of a tour of Mexico by tasting chef García's colorful salsa sampler!

Make fresh, homemade salsa with these recipes.

I was fascinated when the dish arrived; it immediately reminded me of a painter’s pallet but instead of paints, it was a masterpiece composed of thirteen compartmentalized sauces. Instead of a Picasso brush, pick up your chips, dip them, and then try to guess what each unique salsa's story is. Just like the bright contrasts in color, each sauce has its unique taste, personality, and heritage.

Four of its salsas have repeatedly won at the Austin Hot Sauce Festival since 1998. Curra’s Grill also serves award-winning avocado margaritas, rated the best margarita in Austin by numerous outlets, including Travel+Leisure and Gothamist. To me, this humble salsa sampler deserves just as much recognition and spotlight. It’s complex, brilliant, and entertaining. Moreover it captures the essence of Mexican cuisine, while staying true to the motto, “Keep Austin Weird.”

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