New York City’s The Wild Son Launches Eclectic, Health Driven Dinner Menu

The Wayland team offers a chic, cozy setting for dinners to enjoy inventive cuisine sans

Seafood lovers must order the butter poached lobster with fall succotash.


By now you’ve most likely heard about The Wild Son, the trendy, health-focused all-day casual restaurant from Robert Ceraso & Jason Mendenhall (The Wayland and Good Night Sonny). However, if you’ve only been for breakfast or lunch, you’re missing out on a whole new menu of fabulously satisfying fare.  The newly launched dinner menu is focused on grains, greens, vegetables and meats and fish, and offers an innovative cocktail program as well.

The Wild Son has a warm, welcoming space with rustic wood finishes on the tables, bar stools, and the bar counter top. Something I particularly love is the use of lush foliage through the restaurant. Lots of leafy, freely growing plants decorate the space.


Victoria Morris

I was lucky enough to experience its dinner preview and ate my way through what seems to be most of the menu. The tasting began with two smaller plates: a vibrant display of raw walnut pate with house cashew cheese, crudité, and seven grain croutons; and grape leaves filled with farro, black rice, buckwheat, and dates.


Victoria Morris

Next up was the Tuscan kale salad, which surprisingly was one of my favorite dishes of the night! With house ferment chili sauce, coconut oil, and breadcrumbs, the kale had a nice balance of a little spice and a sweet, more distinct flavor from the coconut oil.


Victoria Morris

Seafood options include the mussels, which features smoky, savory flavors from bacon, serrano peppers, and the smoked trout head broth; the impressive, whole smoked and roasted trout which came with a cooling jalapeno herbed yogurt to balance out the saltier notes; and the perfectly cooked, butter poached lobster with a fall succotash.

For those looking for meat, the chicken with sprouted greens and a crispy potato flower is tender and juicy thanks to a rich jus.

The cocktails offered are dangerously delicious — and creative! From The Wild Daughter with cappelletti rosso, watermelon, and carbonation to the Cold Brew Fizz with vanilla and amontillado sherry, there’s a drink for everyone. Also offered are a variety of beers and wine.