This May Be The Wildest Celebration Of Grilled Cheese Month Ever

The Ainsworth calls itself "a multi-purpose space comprised of full-scale restaurants, bars, lounges and event areas".  Right now they're the home of a Grilled Cheese Sandwich that may take the prize for the most original recipe for that iconic American Sandwich. And the great news is it's an "off-the-menu item" that will remain that way.  All you have to do is ask for it.  

The Ainsworth prides itself on re-creating new takes on American classics and this is decidedly new. Built on the success of The Ainsworth's Mac and Cheese Burger, a grilled 'patty' of panko-crusted mac and cheese is one of the layers of the sandwich. There's also a generous helping of Applewood Smoked Candy Bacon on top and beneath the mac and cheese layer.   The cheeses used are sharp Provolone Cheese, and in keeping with Grilled Cheese history, American Cheese. Its presence is an homage to a young man named James L. Kraft who actually invented the first Grilled Cheese sandwich in 1915. The white Sunrise bread also hews to tradition.  And what would a Grilled Cheese sandwich be without a bowl of tomato soup?  One comes with every Ainsworth Grilled Cheese and it too is no ordinary tomato soup.  It is infused with parsley, thyme, bay leaves and whole peppercorns.  These are steeped in the soup adding a luscious flavor to its creamy smoothness.

The Ainsworth has four locations in New York in Chelsea, Midtown, FiDi and the East Village. It also has two locations in New Jersey, one in Hoboken and the other in Newark.  For reservations at any one of them, go to