Get the Scoop on Mister Dips: Williamsburg, Brooklyn's Newest Burger Spot

Andrew Carmellini's latest venture pays homage to comfort food of the Americana variety

Aged Cheddar top the burgers at Mister Dips.

Mister Dips opened just as September turned to October, setting up its Airstream trailer in the second-story Vale Park of The William Vale and serving a very simple menu of burgers, fries, and ice cream in a neighborhood starved for straight-forward dining options. The signature burger can be ordered as a single or double "dip" (their word for "stack"), there's a veggie burger dubbed the "Green Label," and a rotating "Special Dip." Waffle fries plain or "Dirty Dipped"—their take on In-and-Out's "Animal Style"—are the only options for sides, and you can choose from one of three "Dairy Dips" to round out your meal.

Eater's Nick Solares rightly pointed out the burgers' "unmistakable similarity to Shake Shack...because of the use of the potato bun, the griddle-cooking method, and the size of the patty (Shake Shack appears to be a smidgen larger)," but unlike Shake Shack, Mister Dips leaves out the lettuce and tomato. I missed the crunch and slight palate-cleansing affect of a delux-style burger, but their choice of cheese made up for it, as this is another distinctive characteristic of their meat creations that separate them from those of the Danny Meyer bovine empire: aged Cheddar.

Sure, American cheese is a perfectly fine choice for your double stack, but the sharp taste of Mister Dips' chosen aged Cheddar plays with the tang of their secret-style sauce in a singularly satisfying way—that means that the way to go is order two "single dips" in lieu of a "double dip" and maximize your meat-to-cheese ratio.

Mister Dips

Kate Kolenda

Mister Dip's outdoor venue adds to its charm, as for now Vale Park boasts sweeping views of the East River and Manhattan skyline (the constuction site within the gigantic footprint of what will most likely be a residential high-rise hums across Wythe Avenue), and provides burger-lovers with a pleasant respite since it's elevated above street-level. The missing liquor license would complete the total package as it's an ideal outdoor spot to enjoy a beer with your burger, but its only steps away from the Brooklyn Brewery on Brewer's Row, so ordering up two single dips before—or after—a few rounds of suds is the new pro move while dining and imbibing in North Williamsburg.