Feeling this Righteous is A-OK in Fort Worth


Righteous Foods’ breakfast burrito.

When you have a successful restaurant for nine years with no signs of slowing down, closing it to re-open a new concept might seem risky. Not for Lanny Lancarte and his team at the former Lanny’s Alta Cocina, an upscale Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, now the uber-healthy Righteous Foods.

In June 2014, Lancarte served the last meal for his highly regarded Mexican restaurant to start working on Righteous Foods. Driven by a healthier lifestyle as an avid cyclist, he wanted to cater to those who desired the same thing. In four short months, Lancarte and his team transformed the space from an upscale restaurant to a welcoming and casual space, complete with planters of fresh herbs, fresh pressed juices, and food that seems like it walked from the farm to your plate.

The menu is filled with fresh, organic fruits, vegetables, and meats that are locally sourced. You can enjoy everything from a breakfast burrito with Niman Ranch pork and farm fresh eggs, to a kale, spinach, and organic wheatberry salad for lunch. The flavors in the burrito are so good, they make you forget that it’s actually healthy, and you’re likely to make it disappear much faster than other burritos in your recent memory.

It’s easy to see in Righteous Food’s logo that it’s a healthy restaurant, but examining it further you will see a fist holding a carrot – a riff on a symbol taken from the 1970s. Health food-focused restaurants are popping up all over the place; True Foods and Lyfe Kitchens are a couple of the better known ones. Righteous Foods wants to bring affordable, healthy food to Fort Worth, and they certainly have – the food is delicious and you do feel righteous about eating food that hasn’t been processed or genetically modified. It seems like a simple concept but one that has lost its way in the last few decades.

Chef Lancarte and his team are starting their own revolution with an active, healthy lifestyle and a menu to back it up. As there website states, “Good for the body. Good for the soul. Great to taste. That’s what Eating Righteously is all about. It’s a way of life. And a way for more life. Our ingredients come from only reputable and organic sources. Nothing is processed – unless you’re talking about our cooking.”