DJT at Trump Las Vegas Exudes Excellence for Your Eyes, on Your Plate, and in Your Glass


DJT specializes in craft cocktails.

The name Donald Trump often fills the mind with images of opulence, luxury and, most recently, controversy. We had the opportunity to re-visit DJT, the upscale dining venue at the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas that is a reflection of the name it represents.

Hidden away from the hotel row of Las Vegas Strip, Trump Hotel is a gold monolith that rises above the ordinary for those who crave a five-star experience without the din of casino gambling in the background. Being both family- and dog-friendly, we saw many young two-legged and four-legged visitors entering the hotel for a peaceful stay away from the flashing neon lights, cigarette smoke, and roulette wheels.

As the impeccably dressed valet opens our car door, the gleaming gold, marbl,e and glass of the entrance gives way to more opulence as you proceed into the lobby of the Trump Hotel. We walked up to the hostess stand amid a stunningly decorated dining room and carefully ascended into a very private circular booth with plush indigo-violet velvet curtains (that can be pulled together for more intimacy). We were greeted by the effervescent Kyuri Cheun.  After her upbeat and energetic welcome and introductions to staff, we were well on our way to trying the seasonal menu and the new, beautifully crafted cocktails list.

We started out with a with a creamy Red Beret, followed by a Pamplemousse old-fashioned, a Strawberry Fields, an extraordinary Moscow Mule , a Jockey, and finishing our tasting was the refreshing Watermelon Basil. Each cocktail was handcrafted with the freshest ingredients to ensure that the flavors come sparkling through without being overwhelmed by the alcohol. One of the highlights of staying at DJT is the great care and attention to detail that is infused in everything that you may nibble or taste.  We were impressed with the quality of each cocktail and the passion of which the mixologist stirred or shook to make sure that only the best is presented in the glass.

Many people ask, “How do you drink or eat so much and yet maintain your sensibility and weight?”  Our answer is always that we take a little bite or taste at a time. When being presented with an excellent array of food and drink, it is often difficult to say no to over indulgence, but our philosophy in our culinary journey has been creating a sense of moderation and respect to ourselves and to our hosts.

We did find it difficult to say no to consuming everything presented to us. We started our evening with an amuse of seared lamb loin with a pea purée. The rich lamb got our palates working for the next course of ahi tuna with Spanish octopus. The fish was exceptionally fresh and the octopus cooked was delicately, making it a perfect way to begin our evening’s food menu.

One of our favorite dishes of the night was the gazpacho, anchovy-accented with heirloom tomatoes. The soup had a lovely, creamy texture. The saltiness of the anchovy was offset by bits of plump, juicy heirloom tomatoes. The fresh cod dish was next on the agenda and again, the fresh ingredients spoke for themselves. Paired with Trump’s own label’s Sauvignon Blanc, the dish became even more alluring. The meat course of wild boar was a good choice over the typical steak that is often offered on a menu. The parsnip purée was a welcomed addition of sweetness to the mild gaminess of the meat. The wild boar entrée is a good choice for those who want something beyond the ordinary.

 Satisfied and satiated, we finished our meal with a cappuccino and light and decadent passion fruit panna cotta with white chocolate and raspberries.  It was a perfect ending to a lovely meal, which is one of the benefits of staying at a hotel that reflects the name of someone who is consistently aiming for excellence.