Broadstone: A Welcome Watering Hole in New York’s Financial District

The three-level bar has something for everyone

The bar is enormous.

For New Yorkers of a certain age, there are only two neighborhoods deserving of their geographic acronym – SOHO and TriBeCa. Now there are close to a dozen, from NoMad to DoBro. All of them devised exclusively for marketing purposes, and used by New Yorkers as often as one calls the 59th Street Bridge the Ed Koch Bridge. In other words, virtually never.

And though no one refers to Downtown, or the Financial District as “FiDi” in conversation, the marketing of such has stuck purely because FiDi’s restaurant and bar scene has become the hottest place to be in New York City.

New to the block is Broadstone, a uniquely American bar with the heart and soul of the Irish. The wildly successful Pig ‘n’ Whistle Group, and their Irish pub juggernaut, has created a true New Yorker bar in a building owned by the descendants of American founding father John Jay.


Encompassing three floors, and great for private events, Broadstone offers appealing décor, tremendous food (particularly the falafel buns, the smoked pork buns, and the Buffalo chicken spring rolls), and precious few of the Wall Street bros found on Stone Street. It’s a true local pub that’s ideal for everything from intimate drinks to raucous company gatherings.

Although their gimmick (and every bar has one) is the fabulous bottomless brunch, and the gigantic Moscow Mule in which a full bottle of vodka is utilized, in the end, it’s a gorgeous local bar with great staff, great food, and a great location.