Austinites Celebrate Summer Year Round with this Colorful Mexican Treat

If you don't know what “La Mangonada” is, now is the time to find out

This fiesta tower of fresh fruits, juices, and candy is a delightful mashup offering an explosion of flavors.

School may be back in session, but summer is not quite over yet. With a city like Austin reaching 100 degrees almost six months out of the year, being an ice cream owner is big business. La Michoacana Natural Ice cream opened two years ago at a shopping center mostly frequented by Hispanics. It provides that old school feel where the menu is bilingual, but mostly in Spanish, and the flavors offered are traditionally found in ice cream trucks rolling down the streets of Mexico.

Hanging on the bright pink and green walls are poster-sized pictures depicting specialty items that are beyond that one scoop of ice cream on a cone. Fresh fruit drinks are offered where a gigantic ladle is dunked in a deep refrigerated bin, and the extra chilled juice poured inside a styrofoam cup. Enjoy traditional refreshments such as: horchata (rice drink), piña colada, fruta (fruit medley), rompope (non- alcoholic rum), lemonade, and cantaloupe juice. A selection of smoothies range from traditional vanilla flavors to more unique fruits like guava and tamarind, and don’t forget the chocolate hand dipped frozen bananas! La Michoacana Natural Ice Cream prides itself in its colorful “nieve” (snow) batches churned with natural ingredients. Choose from 25 flavors including Mexican vanilla, dulce de leche, and rum raisin.  Enjoy an ice cold treat atop a freshly baked cone or waffle, sprinkled with chunks of sweetness or fresh fruit toppings.

The bestselling treat is La Mangonada, a gorgeous frozen beverage mixed with chamoy sauce, fresh ripe mangos, lime juice, chili powder, an oversized tamarind straw, and overflowing with colorful chewy candy! The sweet meets tart explosion of flavors makes everyone salivate for more. It’s so hearty, consider it more of a (sweet) meal. So the next time you are craving to quench that thirst or to cool off under the Texas heat, skip over to La Michoacana Natural Ice Cream. It’s a sure bet to cool down both the young, and the young at heart. One more thing: don't forget cash! Cash only. That's as old school as it gets.

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