Austin's Torchy's Tacos Serves 'Damn Good' Queso Too

The story began when Michael Rypka left his executive chef job to pursue the taco dream. Torchy's Tacos started as a food truck, and its success led to a total of thirty restaurants nationwide and an Austin trailer park. The slogan "Damn Good" derives from the first food truck customers who repeatedly exclaimed, "These tacos are damn good!" so it stuck.

For the past eleven years, Torchy's Tacos has gained its reputation as an Austin landmark for good times. It's a good starting point to invite first timers to experience how "Keep Austin Weird" really tastes like.

In the spirit of being known as the capitol of Texas, politicians are a common sighting in this city especially during legislative session. Torchy's Tacos serves three bestselling tacos that even President Barack Obama could not resist during this year's visit to SXSW, short for South By Southwest (a yearly festival to celebrate the convergence of the technology, film, and music industries). The dynamic trio is: The Democrat (shredded barbacoa), The Republican (jalapeño sausage), and the Independent (vegetarian) tacos. But with fall quickly approaching, there is that one item on the menu that spells comfort: the green chile queso and chips.

Chances are, many have overlooked this hot appetizer, but it is most definitely worth a try. Torchy's homemade chips are thin and crispy, perfect for dunking into the dip, which is topped with fresh guacamole, queso fresco, cilantro, and a secret Diablo hot sauce.

Pick up one chip and use it to mix the bowl of goodness to experience an explosion of flavors. The consistency is perfect where enough queso clings on to the chip for each crunchy bite. The queso contains a dash of a secret Diablo hot sauce, but it is more on the mild side to give it that extra mouthwatering kick. No matter which taco political party you belong to, just remember that Torchy's serves some damn good queso too.

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